Weekly Update! (4-6-20)

From the team here at MasksOn and the heroic healthcare workers on the ground: Thank you SO much!

Because of your support, we are just days away from getting thousands of masks into the hands of clinicians who need them desperately. We’ve been working day and night to make sure that our frontline healthcare workers are protected. In the last few days, our team has:

  • Ordered and received 20,000 masks to be adapted and distributed to hospitals around the country;
  • Continued our battery of safety, sanitization, and durability tests on the new PPE, as well as working with front-line clinicians to conduct fit-tests to further improve functionality and safety.
  • Brought online injection mold technology so we can manufacture 1000’s of masks a day
  • Secured a local ISO, ITAR-certified warehouse and assembly team that can ship masks safely and quickly.

In just days, we will be shipping our first mass-produced run of adapted masks–and we couldn’t have done it without you.

This week, more than ever, CLINICIANS NEED OUR HELP! While your support made MasksOn’s initial run of masks possible, we’re still fielding calls from clinicians across the country in dire need of PPE. With additional financial support right now, we can acquire 70,000 more masks, at-cost, directly from the manufacturers.

That’s why we’re asking each of our supporters to help us spread the word about MasksOn. How?

  • Please SHARE the MasksOn GoFund Me page on all your social media channels. Let your colleagues, friends and family know you’ve already contributed to the cause – and what a difference their help will make.
  • Reach out directly to three or four friends who you think can help to ask for their support, and be sure to let them know about your generous support for our cause.

Consider making another contribution if you can. We can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve already provided, but every additional dollar we get will make a difference.

Thank you again for your support.

– The MasksOn Team