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April 27, 2020 Supporter Update

From the very first day, our goal was to reach the scalability point where we not only had the best and safest Mask Kit possible, but could quickly produce large quantities and get them directly into the hands of clinicians most in need. The entire team at MasksOn.org is incredibly proud to report that we have definitely reached that point. Our production capacity is nearly 1,000 Mask Kits per day, but is falling behind demand as awareness escalates. Most importantly, with thousands of Mask Kits in the field, we are receiving confirmation of the critical importance of the project (see below).

Note: We currently have funding for approximately 20,000 more Reusable Mask Kits, but the need is definitely much greater, especially if we have new major outbreaks. MasksOn.org is “shovel-ready” – the only thing holding us back is funding.

Highlights for the Week Include:

  • MasksOn.org featured on NPR’s Morning Edition and North Andover Eagle-Tribune
  • Over 2,700 additional Mask Kits delivered last week
  • Continued ramp up of CSR team and IT systems to handle orders and customer support
  • Development of new adaptor for 2nd snorkel mask model (70,000+ available to purchase)

Key Performance Indicators

  • Total Mask Kits Delivered; 4,157 to more than 500 institutions
  • Current Unfulfilled Orders: 1,557 to 265 institutions
  • Production rate: ~1000 kits / day
  • Funds Raised: $2m  ($171,889 from GoFundMe campaign)


At my hospital, there are many different types of N95 masks that were donated from a variety of sources. We have not been fit tested for any of them. I believe these full face snorkel masks provide better fit with more accessible filters. In a pinch, these are absolute life savers. Thank you for all you are doing at maskon. You are all a Godsend.

Dr. SW, Attending Anesthesiologist


I am a CRNA that practices in a busy level two trauma center in Florida. As many in my profession, I’m directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and hence now required to make adjustments in how I approach patient care.  One of those adjustments was the use of the Mask On-Reusable Mask Kit, and it was very user friendly. In addition to the operating room, [I] was able to use it for an emergency intubation in ICU and it was mobile, not bulky and visibility was at a premium. The mask stayed in place and wasn’t cumbersome during the intubation period. I would definitely use this device going forward in this environment.



The adapted scuba masks are exactly what we need to protect ourselves. It’s easier to make sure you get a good seal and more comfortable than an N95 mask. With a filter that provides 99% filtration, it offers better protection too. As an anesthesia provider, I feel much safer managing patients’ airways now that I have my new scuba mask. Thank you so much for providing these.

Dr. CS, Anesthesiologist


Working as a nurse in a Critical Care Unit during this COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly stressful. The hospital in which I work has done everything possible to protect the frontline workers. However, it has been difficult for them to supply us with the needed PPE. Unfortunately, myself and several of my co-workers have a difficult time maintaining the appropriate seal when using the N95 mask. We are caring for COVID positive patients on ventilators, Bipap, Hi-flow oxygen, and Tracheostomies. All of which aerosolize secretions into the air as we are standing over them providing their care. This past weekend I was allowed to wear my MasksOn Mask. I felt very secure in this mask as I provided the care needs of my patients. I did not feel any air leaks. The visual mask area stayed clear of fog. The mask was secure on my head and face throughout all the tasks of repositioning, cleaning, suctioning, administering medications, starting IV’s, obtaining lab specimens, and providing emotional support to my patients. I did not have any skin pressure points on my face, even after two hours of continuous use. It was quick and easy to slip on when I needed to enter a room quickly. This is very important when a patient is becoming unstable. The mask was also easy to doff and clean in between patients. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to utilize this mask.

LD RN, BSN, Critical Care Unit




We are deeply grateful for your continued support. Continuing in our weekly theme of focusing on outreach within a particular network of clinicians and frontline healthcare workers, this week we ask for you to help us raise awareness about MasksOn.org at rural hospitals, clinics, EMT’s, and paramedics. Please share our information with them, and encourage them to visit our site and place orders as needed.

We are also escalating our fundraising outreach to regional foundations that are helping to alleviate local shortages of PPE, particularly in underserved areas.

Please send ideas, suggestions, feedback, and comments to Christian Lewis at [email protected], and visit our MasksOn.org and GoFundMe pages.